Posted by kevinpackard on 2020/10/26 20:44:11
Is that hole supposed to be there on the 56's? My 54 definitely didn't have anything like that.

There are a couple of ways to take care of the rust and protect the floor. I went a little overboard and had the interior sandblasted, and sand is still showing up months later. But the guy before me had used POR-15 and it was failing, and that stuff is crazy hard to remove, so sandblasting it was.

Wire wheel (stripping disc too) and clean everything as much as possible. Then you have a few options to paint and protect. Most recommend doing something to neutralize whatever rust remains. There are various things that do this, but most are similar (acid). Ospho, Eastwood Fast Etch, POR-15 Metal Prep, etc. After that, apply whatever coating you decide on. Rustoleum, POR-15, epoxy primer, etc.

I think the "gold standard" with auto body guys is epoxy primer. I could be wrong, but that's what I was picking up from my research.

Double check the body mount areas. Pretty easy place for moisture to sit and cause problems. And maybe check to see if more seam sealer would be helpful?


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