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Dads 56 wrote:
Is there not a body illustrated part plate for the 1956 Executive 5677A? was hoping to find something to narrow down the search for the body moldings.. I see stuff identified in the actual Master parts list, but being unfamiliar with some of the terminology(what I would call locations), I'm a bit lost................

There is no separate illustration for the Executive as it was such a late addition.
Closest will be Plate No. 9 for the Custom Clipper.

Location is determined from the Group you need to go to that number in the parts list and look for 5677A part numbers. This can be a bit confusing since the same part number can be used for other models with a different description.

For example on the front fender, Group 30.7805, the heavy cast pot metal moulding part number is shown as 461354-55 Right & Left Center for 5677A and other Clipper models but is also shown as the upper moulding for 1955-56 Packard models. Basically the same part used for all 1955-56 models.
Moulding 6485450-51 is shown as upper for the 5672A and 5677A Executive models only as it is different from the upper moulding for Clipper models.

Hope this helps a bit.

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