Posted by Dads 56 on 2020/11/3 22:50:17
So decided to get the gas tank properly cleaned and tested. Should be ready in the next couple of weeks.

Question. They asked what color I wanted the tank painted after primer......................I honestly don't know. Didn't look like it was painted originally. Been searching the forums and the web to no avail.

Should I just paint it black? Or a silver to kinda match the original state?

All this in preparation to starting it for the first time in 40+years. Have blown the fuel line out with compressed air. A rebuild kit for the fuel pump has been delivered, will work on that soon. Although Dad did have an Electric fuel pump under the hood, maybe just use that for the initial start up?

Another question
Can the fuel sender be cleaned up and tested? I did read somewhere about ohm readings for them. I have 2, other then fuel varnish on them they look? .....fine? It seems a $70 replacement in the US is $230+ here in Canada. And Napaonline won't ship to Canada........go figure.

Still airing the car out, might get in the garage for the winter yet 🙄

I stand corrected, maybe is an option

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