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Posted by Dads 56 on 2021/2/2 1:10:36
started taking the interior apart now. mainly because the rear passenger window would not roll down all the way. Made me curious. As there was some body damage on that side I thought it might be a damaged rail. what I found was what looks like part of a shovel handle wedged inside, 21" long.(a body repair tool for the time perhaps??) had to cut it out, the window works as it should now.

the passenger side lower A arm will need to be replaced, that will have to wait till the spring, (we have another cold snap coming on) so I can take the replacement off the parts car. If I read the parts book correctly, they should be the same. the shock was bent at 90 degrees, should have taken a photo of it before tossing it out.

new oil pump from Jack Vines is on the way. Maybe will get the car started soon after.

the lower grill is pretty beat up as was the bumper. anybody have any experience with repairing that? once straightened can the pcs be spot welded back on again?

thanks for your input!

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