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Posted by Dads 56 on 2021/3/14 1:11:11
new oil pump from Jack Vines installed, thinking of pulling rockers and giving them a good cleaning before startup.

I am in need of some brake drums, mine are worn beyond all hope, no luck sourcing locally. Mike Dulinski hopefully to the rescue, again. if the shop wont resurface them I don't know what to do. is there any point in continuing with out brakes? and yet I am

my version of the TL holding tool, a pipe hangar and some threaded rod. currently on the parts car as I removed the lower
A frame to replace the pooched one on my car(hope it holds)

received my bushing kit from Dwight Heinmuller

Awaiting a shipment from Tucson Packard

Torsion level links??? when I look at parts book it mentions links with 1, 2, 3, & 4 grooves. the links on my car has 2 grooves, the parts car has one with 5. is this correct? how much will putting them in my car raise it? maybe save an oil pan from road rash?

also discovered crawling under the parts car these revised adjustable compensator transverse load bars

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