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Posted by HH56 on 2022/5/27 12:06:50
I believe the Executive used the same finishing headlight door as the Senior models and if so, the back piece is stainless and has a similar to but much finer lined pattern as the ribbed stainless on the senior sides. Black fills the grooves but the stainless shows thru on the ridges.

On my doors I used the same procedure as on the side pieces. Sprayed the entire piece with black enamel and when the paint was slightly tacky but definitely nowhere near dry I used a rag dampened with lacquer thinner tightly wrapped over a hard block of wood to go in and remove the paint adhering to the ridges. It is a tedious process and the dampness of the rag is important. Too wet or loose on the block and the rag or thinner will go into the grooves and pull paint out generally making a mess, too dry and the paint is not removed from the ridges.

What I cannot remember is if I removed the stainless from the doors. I think I did and then used sheet metal screws in carefully drilled holes to replace it on the potmetal -- similar to what was done to remove the grill mesh -- but again I cannot remember and don't really want to remove them to see the back.

EDIT: Looking at an extra door, the stainless looks fairly easy to remove and there is room for drilling so probably I did remove them. If you are going to have the pot metal plated your plater may need them removed too so they can get down inside to do the polishing.

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