Re: Cortes121's 1955 Clipper Custom

Posted by cortes121 on 2021/7/30 16:11:00

I'll have to check with NAPA - I usually go in there with a part number and it really smooths out the process, otherwise I get a lot of confused looks.

But they did have the fronts. My only concern is the rears list in the cross reference are for the senior cars, not the clipper, and the one part number I tried the parts existed but apparently are not in stock, at least at Autozone...

Someone had definitely rebuilt the brakes not long before this thing was parked. I'd love to hear about the circumstances of it being parked. In the documents I found this car had been in an auction in the late 90s, so it was presumably in good shape then. Such a shame.
Mine could most definitely be rebuilt, but there's some corrosion in the wheel cylinder that needs some attention. If I bought a hone I could probably clean it up. But wheel cylinders are usually not much more expensive than the rebuild kits, so I was hoping to go down the quick route.

And about the seals... they are most likely leaking, and could probably stand to be replaced, but I'm wrestling with what outcome I want for this car. I feel like if it runs, drives and stops, relatively safely, I could find it a new home with someone willing to put in the extensive work to get this thing in decent shape. Or more realistically part it out. :/

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