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Posted by Wat_Tyler on 2021/3/28 18:21:51

Ozstatman wrote:
Wat_Tyler wrote: If I am not mistaken, and that may be a reach, both the 6 and the 8 are 120" wheelbases. The customs were 127" w/b. The bodies are, I believe, the same size regardless. So, as I conclude, perhaps erroneously, the length on the 6s and the small 8s should be the same under the hood.

I have read that the 110s and 120s had different wheelbases and that the difference was in front of the....

My apologies, a foot in mouth moment. Being I had a '41 120 and knew the length difference there, compared to the 110, was in the engine compartment I've extrapolated incorrectly to your Packards. Sorry

Apologies accepted, but not really necessary. As I mentioned, I make mistakes. Like, all the time.

And I may have stepped on my johnson on this one. I went out today - didn't get much work in - and measured the heads the old fashioned way - with a measuring tape. The 6-banger is 26.625 inches long, and the 8 is 34.375". (The 6 is in the car and the 8 is on a pallet.) This was in the '47, which had the radiator removed. So I looked at the '42 with the radiator in it, and it's gonna be a tight squeeze. Like, get a bigger hammer tight squeeze. It's either cut the cowl or make a new radiator assembly and reconfigure the front motor mounts (which maybe opens a cross-member can of worms), or some combination of the two. It's not like there isn't room forward, but it's not a piece of cake, either.

One re-thinking that went through my mind: heat up the 6 - a lot - put in a low gear in the rear and look for a 6-speed stick to utilize it all.

No matter, it doesn't have to be decided today. Oh, and I think that pre-war ornament is in my parts box. Not appealing, but . . . .

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