Re: Wat's Clipper coupe

Posted by Wat_Tyler On 2021/3/28 19:50:27

Ross wrote:
I've driven about several times in a 46 Clipper six and found it delightful. Unlike all the other models built on that chassis from 41-50 it handled and steered easily. It was not prone to ploughing in corners and still rode quite well.

There is nothing wrong with that six and it has plenty of low speed torque. If you equip it with overdrive you will have more than enough ratios and you can rocket down the road at 70 all day long. For a little more snap do a nice port and relieve job whilst rebuilding and give the head a good .06 milling. No matter which Packard straight eight you might insert the car will still not be as fast as an entry level Hyundai so why give up the qualities the car already has to impress----no one.

I have to impress me, of course. And Fred.

Actually, we discussed this a bit in the kitchen while making supper. There's a lot to be said for doing this one a bit more simply and still making a fun car to see and to be seen in. Being as the other one is so cancerous, I'd feel less guilty carving bits off of it to make more engine fit.

I still like the more gears idea, but nothing will be settled tonight.

Thank all of you for your input. And I still want to know how long a 282 head is for my own knowledge.

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