Re: Wat's Clipper coupe

Posted by Wat_Tyler on 2021/4/22 9:31:17
I did recently take delivery of a reprint of the Clipper parts manual. I guess that I can look it up and see.

Except I'm talking about a 1951 8 and a 1947 6. The 6 bell might fit a 282 but not a 327.

I'll find out for certain after I pull the 6 and take the tranny off and then the bell, and I can trial fit it and see.

And post the results.

I don't remember if I posted this, but there's a Tremec distributor who is within 100 miles of here who sell an adapter plate for old bells to use new Tremecs. This bolt pattern on the R-11 looks suspiciously like the pattern on a T-10, if I'm not mistaken. That would he'p considerably.

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