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Posted by Wat_Tyler on 2021/10/11 19:31:48

r1lark wrote:

Wat_Tyler wrote:
Home from points southwest. Scored a 2103/6 chassis and running gear and miscellaneous bits-n-pieces.

This gets me to 3 356 complete (mostly) engines, one block and crank, and one complete one coming next week. Plots-n-plans are brewing.

Sounds like Fred wants some version of a 16 cylinder Packard using two 356 engines.......712 cubic inches of Packard power! That Fred has you wrapped around her little paw!

Now, you know, I may just buy her a computer and let her open an account here and start posting on her own. Then where will you be??? ;)


John wrote:

Man, that damned thing sat outside for awhile. I pulled the dipstick to see what was on it, and a couple of gallons of water ran out of the dipstick hole. Told me that no oil was contaminating the crankcase, but that it's a good thing that I did look what with winter headed this way. And the engine is likely stuck but good. :mad:

So I drained the crankcase, sealed the drain plug, and poured the 3 gallons of used oil that I had into it. And the two piece-quarts. And a gallon of ATF. Still nothing at the dipstick hole, as in, not running out. I had another 3 gallons of diesel, so in that went, too. Still nothing. So I'll score another fiver of diesel tomorrow and add that and see what happens.

It can have months to soak in that brew.

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