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Posted by Wat_Tyler On 2023/1/17 6:34:09
Didn't get a lot of shop work in this weekend. It was a touch cold Saturday, too cold to be out there playing in its current draughty condition. Sunday was an improvement even if cool-n-chill. There were other errands to run as well. Got a few more ceiling supports in for a few more lights as the plan came together in my head. The table will be brighter still.

A friend of ours is looking for a 356 solenoid for his starter. Seems those things have now achieved Hens' Teeth status in the NOS category. So I fished through my stuff and found an allegedly rebuilt starter with solenoid intact. I could get the starter to run but was unsure what to do to test to see if I could make the solenoid do its thing in the bench - which was actually in the horsehouse since my spare 6v battery has given up the ghost. I asked a practical old car buddy and he gave me what he thought would work. Tried it. It did. Now I have a solenoid to remove, pack and ship Over There. And some more here to hunt down and test. And his old one when it arrives to disassemble and fix, if possible. It can't be that difficult.

I guess that it's time to spring for an Optima, too. Gotta have a spare battery.

Also, I need to get after dealing with this hulk of a Henney, but I think I require for it to be a touch warmer, and probably the days a touch longer.

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