Re: Wat's Clipper coven

Posted by Wat_Tyler On 2023/3/16 20:22:34
Went and picked up the 356 "short block" today, still with a bellhousing and clutch bits. No manifolds. No matter, as Wat has all of that. The old guy had stripped off the goodies and pitched them. So Wat made him a low-ball offer, which was rejected outta hand. Then Wat went to what he would pay, cash on the barrel head, which was also rejected.

"I've got them for sale on eBay."

"Unh hunh. You still have them. I'm standing right here in your garage with cash in my pocket."

No matter, got the engine bits. Here's wagering that I hear from him in 6 weeks with something more along the line of what he thinks that Wat would spend. Of course, Wat will be returning to his original offer, price of gasoline what it is.

The moral of the story is: never overpay for Packard parts. The supply is dwindling, but the demand is dwindling faster.

There's a 327 to score come Sunday.

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