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Posted by Wat_Tyler On 2023/3/19 17:34:39
Finally made it back Out West with this weekend's Packard bits scavenging complete and bits on the trailer. Heavy bits.

The 356 is a '47 with block, crank assembly, valve train assembly, clutch and bellhousing, water pump, damper, oil filter and lines . . . and no head studs. The other pieces were looted from it to be eBayed for maximum fun-n-profit by the seller. He bought it because he needed the head. Wat has other 356 bits here and can always use another block in case one has a crack or something else wrong with it. That's the thinking.

This particular piece of Packard fruit over ripe in the tree is a complete (or all but) 1954 327 Clipper engine, rated at 165 horses. Yeah, okay. It was bought for the bellhousing and clutch pieces to be used with one of the 359 engines so it can have a manual trans instead of a slushbox. There is a 3-speed non-overdrive transmission included with it, and I can assure you that it can be had quite reasonably by anyone who wants it. The engine is loose and still has oil in the crankcase. Hell, it might fire off with a bit of tinkering. We'll see.

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