Re: Someone hooked the battery up backwards / new member 55 Clipper Deluxe

Posted by JeromeSolberg on 2022/5/16 11:06:04
I don't know all the details of the V-8's versus my straight-8. But the Packard V-8 as I understand it is of very conventional design, so tactics used for any other American V-8 of the 1950's and 1960's would apply as regards, say, exhaust manifold-to-exhaust-pipe bolts. Soaking them in Liquid Wrench, Sea Foam, or PB Blaster. Heat/Cold cylcles help too - heating them with a (acetylene or even hand-held propane) torch then quenching with something you can spray on them, like WD-40. On my straight-8 the exhaust manifold bolts were pretty rusty but did eventually come off. Another tactic (after the soaking and heat/cold cycles) is to use an "impact wrench" with a socket extension on it.

On the Straight-8 I found the easiest way to get the head off was to hit it on the side with a rubber mallet a few times, then there was/is a spot you can pry it up with a screwdriver without marring the machined surface. Don't know if such a spot exists on the V-8, but probably. After you get it to separate then progressively lift off by inserting, say, screwdriver blades and gradually work free. All that may not be as necessary on the V-8 since the head is not nearly as long.

I can lift off the Straight-8 flathead myself, which I cannot imagine isn't heavier than a single bank of the V-8 head, even though it does have lifters and valves in it. But again, Youtube videos of people working on big-block American V-8's would probably be a good thing to watch.

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