Re: hph's 55 Clipper Project

Posted by packardbill On 2024/4/15 12:12:34
If the drums are not heat checked, cracked, or scored, I would probably not have them cut. You should measure them though, to see of they are already beyond usable limit. If you do have them cut, the proper thing to do is have the shoes "arced" to fit the drum, so when they are adjusted up you have proper shoe to drum contact. You might have some difficulty finding a shop that can "arc" the shoes. Only us old bastards used to do that.
Also, "primary brake shoe" (short) goes to the front, or the main rotation of the wheel. If the main rotation was reverse, the "primary", or short shoe would go to the rear. Unless, of course, you are working on a Chrysler with upper and lower wheel cylinders, then both shoes would be the same. Good luck.PB

p.s. check your upper and lower pins and bushings as well as kingpins and bushings, while you have the wheels off.

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