Re: hph's 55 Clipper Project

Posted by Bob J On 2024/4/20 20:34:35
They can be very difficult!
Since you have tried the hydraulic press I am assuming the shaft is out of the car. You could try heat and then a dunk in a bucket of ice water. This may loosen the corrosive bond. I have found too an air chisel beats a press too, the fast concussive action of the chisel breaks down the bond fast between the bearing cap and sleeve. The air chisel drove out king pin bushing in short order that had me beat in all other methods of removal. Likely work both pinions a bit as trying all one side will not translate the vibratory action through the cross shaft well, whereas working both sides will likely see some results quicker. If you are trying to reuse the Trunnion Bearing, placing a sacrificial socket between the chisel and the cap head will save it from damage. Try and lock the assembly into a stout vice so little effort is lost and directed as much as possible where its needed.
Good luck!
Bob J.

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