Re: hph's 55 Clipper Project

Posted by humanpotatohybrid On 2024/4/21 8:11:02
Thanks Bob.

I was able to make excellent progress yesterday:

- I got both the rear brakes done and installed. The E brake is installed and properly adjusted. I followed the steps in the manual to a tee and it gave a very good result. As a side note, when I bought this car, the E-brake was stuck for no apparent reason. In servicing the system I couldn't find why this was, thought I think they were just adjusted completely wrong, though why the rear wheels could still spin I don't know. Note: I'll still need to disconnect the mounting plates when I service the rear axle.

- I removed the driveshaft and re-lubed the ball and trunion joint with wheel bearing grease. I did notice a good amount of pitting, but the mating surfaces on the joint were still good, so I just threw it back together. Could be worse for 93k miles and sitting for 30 years. Is this a sufficient amount of grease to use? Packard warns against over lubricating the joint. I did pack the needle bearings and other parts individually. BTW, I'll probably get some Gummi Pflege to revive the boot a bit. Fortunately it seems in good shape otherwise.

- I checked the #1 main bearing and #3 rod bearing tolerances with Plastigage and they were at 2.2 and 1.7 thou respectively; spec is 0.5 to 2.5. So a bit worn, but good enough to ride with 😎
(Picture shows main bearing)

- Also bought some gas tank vent hose. Having a hard time re-attaching it. Any good way to get it a bit more stretchy and help it on the tank?

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