Re: Radiator 48 Packard

Posted by HH56 On 2021/9/13 17:11:18
No help with a mechanic but maybe someone in the Portland area will see your post and have a suggestion.

I doubt you will find any NOS or even aftermarket new radiators for Packards. There is just not much demand for stocking something that might sell one or two pieces as compared to a few dozen for Fords or Chevys of the same era. Nothing from another mfg will be a direct drop in either although with some model years, owners have fabricated mounting brackets and made do. Not sure that has happened on a 22 or 23 series because it is a different shape than later more conventional shaped radiators. You could try our main vendors, Kanter Auto or Max Merritt and see what they say about finding one. You might find used from one of the posters on the forum but unless yours is totally missing and you need a core there would be no guarantee used would be in much better shape than what you have.

You can get a new aluminum radiators built at several custom fabrication places and that is what some have done but they do not look stock. One custom site has the specs and maybe even a radiator already made for the one used in a 48 station sedan. Prices range around $1000-1200. Otherwise, your best bet will be to remove the radiator and take it to a radiator shop to have a new core installed. That price is currently running around $600-800 but with the size of the pre 51 radiators and the climbing price of a copper core it is still not a cheap thing to replace.

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