Mike's 53 Caribbean

Posted by Tobs on 2021/9/28 14:48:11
Here we go! I figured that the name of this blog shows some continuty between the green clipper, and the latest car in my life. It is still in the US, and looks like it will take a few months to get over to me in Germany. I've known this car since I was young, and am honored that I have the chance to be it's caretaker now.
It is a 1953 Caribbean in Matador Maroon. It's a little bit of a packard hotrod. I'll see how well it performs, but it has a 359 with a 327 head, and the ultramatic was swapped for an overdrive transmission. Power steering and brakes are still in the car.
I've been gaining packard experience for a 1/4 century now, so I hope I am worthy of this baby! I know it needs some work and TLC...
The top isn't working, it has the usual leaks here and there, supposedly one cyl is a little low on compression...hard starting when warm/hot, shift linkage locks up sometimes. With time and patience and persistance all those things will get taken care of, and someday I will have a smooth driving and reliable packard that my wife also likes as much as my old clipper.
The car is still 6 volt positive ground, and I will keep it that way. My plan is to keep the car as "original" or period correct as possible. -I mean the engine and trans are not original, but I consider them a worthy upgrade. (As long as I can keep the 359 from pinging)
I'll also have to change headlights to H4 Euro units and install a 4 way blinker system in the car to get it road legal here, but that is not too big a deal, or disturbing to the purity of the car.
Untill the car arrives here, I'll be collecting info and ideas and parts over the next few months.

A few things I am curious to find out. I know the trans was taken from my grandfathers clipper back in the late 70's, but I am not sure about the rear axle. I will have to see if it has the 4.10 or 3.54 rear axle, and what size the rear brakes are.
Does anybody know if Caribbeans had a hood quilt from the factory?
Here are a few recent photos....I'll try and dig up a photo of a much younger me too.

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