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Posted by Leeedy on 2021/10/7 22:32:41

Tobs wrote:
@ Kevin, I remember your saga with the windshield in your car. That is *very* useful info about using a cut down sedan windshield instead of the convertible/coupe windshields that are "unobtanium".

@Leon, as a Miata owner and fan, I don't mind at all the extra text and comments that are not directly packard. -I got a copy of your book last month when I was in the US, and am reading it now.

Wish I was at Hershey now!


RE: cutting a windshield on a 1950s car... Biggest issues here are cutting laminated safety glass. People today try to cut this stuff as if it is modern tempered one-piece glass. It isn't. Lamination construction needs to be understood. AND any cutting needs to be done with the glass warm and ambient temps likewise. Once cut, extreme care needs to be taken to ALSO make sure the center layer has been fully cut, not just the glass. Finally edges of the cut windshield need to be dressed (ground, rounded). Doing so will make the cut windshield less likely to crack.

RE: the "book"... I presume you mean the Creative Industries book. IF you got a first edition, be sure to contact me for an errata sheet since the editing on the first edition was not to my liking and allowed things that should have never been.

Have fun and good luck with your Packard.

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