Re: Mike's 53 Caribbean

Posted by MJG on 2021/10/8 9:30:18
If you've never cut laminated safety glass before, take it to someone who has. I use to manage a production line making commercial safety glass - it takes patience and skill. Old lami becomes brittle too. It will not be tempered, no windshield glass is tempered. If you attempt to cut tempered glass it will explode. Side lites are tempered so if impacted they crack into pieces that have no sharp edges of note to cut you. Modern windshields are heat-strengthened laminated (a mezzanine between annealed and tempered). If a windshield were tempered and struck on a roadway it would explode and come inward. If it were tempered and laminated it would become unclear and you could not see. Heat-strengthened is the best of both worlds. In 1953, it's probably closer to annealed and that would make it easier to cut.


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