Re: Mike's 53 Caribbean

Posted by Tobs on 2021/10/11 14:57:32
Looking at the specification list, the original tire on the Caribbean was 8.00x15. (clippers had the 7.60x15 and Patrician had 8.20x15)
Coker has 8.00x15 available in the American classic with a listed height of 29.41 inches. Diamondback doesn't list an Auburn radial in exactly 8.00, but only 8.20 with a height of 29.2 inches.
Keep in mind the inspectors here in Germany are usually picky about having the correct tire size.
If I go with the diamondback, which is an "incorrect size" of 8.2, and not 8.0, then I need some info to justify my selection. (29.2" or 29.4" is only .2 inch, or ~5 mm difference)
Does anybody know a diameter specification for a normal 8.00x15 so I could better argue the case that 8.20 is an acceptable tire for the caribbean? They are sticklers for correct radius -so that the speedo is accurate and, and width so nothing rubs.
I think the 8.20 will be acceptable, but may need to explain the exact sizing when it comes inspection/import time. I know we have been through this a few times with people on the forum here, but thought I would ask. Thanks!

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