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Posted by Tobs on 2022/5/8 15:42:13
I would like to start a thread "Secrects of the Caribbean", but I will keep all my car related posts on this blog. It is interesting to see all of what is different than the clipper. For one thing, what are these holes in the inner rear fenders? Is that some sort of drain for the convertible top?
Here is also someting I never knew existed! There are little clips that go into the holes in the drums! Wow, I have 2, which is better tham my last packard that had none.
Third mystery for today. I found an extra wire not attached to anything. Black wire, thin gauge, and goes into the harness under the drivers fresh air vent. It has a round eye crimp on it now, but that does not look original. It does not have continuity to ground, but I did not do any other electircal tests on it. Could it be for the washer switch?

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