Re: Mike

Posted by HH56 on 2022/7/17 16:21:12
You have probably been thru this with the Clipper but you can try the lube procedure as detailed on page 52 of this service counselor but if it does any good I suspect it will be short term and probably crap out the day of the inspection. Use ordinary vacuum pump oil in place of the Trico oil the article specifies.

The motor is old and there is a good chance the paddle seal in the motor is worn and gaskets may have shrunk and dried out. I suspect a motor rebuild will be the only long term solution. Not sure what to suggest in Europe but if over here Ficken Wipers is the place. They do excellent work and bought or have repro'd Trico motor parts but will not sell rebuild kits for a DIY approach.

Another option might be an electric motor kit from Newport Engineering. A downside is the motor is 12v only so either a conversion to the car or spend the extra for a 6 to 12v inverter they offer in their accessories section. Another problem with the kit is the motor has a regular electric switch instead of the push/pull cable operation and that switch will not fit in the Packard steering column location. It would need to be mounted in or under the dash unless you made some kind of module to take the cable operation and convert it to something to duplicate the plain electrical switch. I did the module bit on my 56 when I wanted to keep the stock switch in case a future owner wanted to reinstall the original motor.

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