Re: Mike's 53 Caribbean

Posted by Tobs On 2022/11/8 5:07:26
I got the vacuum gauge hooked up and drove to work today at about 45 degrees F. From the gauge, I have a nice 18.5 inches of mercury at warm idle, but noticed that on overrun I only get up to 23 inches of mercury. I was expecting 25, but that could either be from the gauge not reading exact numbers, worn piston rings, or I wonder if the vacuum reserve canister also buffers the vacuum level.
One other thing I noticed, the engine warms up to operating temp, but the heat is not very warm. I will check the bowden cables, but can the heater thermostadt also have a problem if that small copper bulb is not working properly?
The Passenger door was also not closing properly in the cold....guess the latch is gummed up a bit. The TLC list grows, but it is always fun to drive a packard to work.

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