Re: Mike's 53 Caribbean

Posted by HH56 On 2022/11/19 10:23:01

PackardDon wrote:
The heater valve is different and the one for A/C equipped cars is different yet. As I said, there is not much that interchanges.

Even though it may be a different valve, I believe the cutout and position of the firewall opening is similar enough a standard 55-6 valve would fit. The capillary coil may not be in the exact position to sense the hot air from the small valve air flow cutout opening in the plenum so that area might need a bit of ingenuity.

In an earlier post you mentioned considering a manual operated valve. That might also work well but most of the cable operated valves I found are the straight inline type so would need to be mounted on the inner fender entirely in the engine compt and would need a longer cable. I didn't see any cable operated valves that looked like they would fit the stock opening as is with the cable attachment in a position to utilize the original Bowden cable.

A couple of valves do have a configuration that might be made to work but the firewall opening would need to be changed or enlarged and the depth of the dash pad would mean it would probably need thinning too. No idea if those valves can be obtained with a configuration that would work properly with the location of the off and heat labels on the dash lever.

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