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Posted by Tobs On 2022/12/2 16:34:00
With some patience with penetrating oil, and then tonight being brave with a vice grip, I was able to remove the fuel line fitting from my gas tank. The drain also came out easily, and I was able to empty the tank before dropping it. I knew the gasket for the fuel gauge sender was bad, and suspected that the tank was rusty...well, the suspicion was right. The tank is fairly to very rusted inside. I will start looking for a place local to me that will get this tank healthy again. It feels good to get the tank out and make some progress.
Oh, I found out one thing. I had a socket that is used to remove ball joints on porsches. It fit perfectly on the 4 prong gas tank locking ring. Sure, you can use pliers or a screwdriver, but this tool fit perfectly.

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