Re: Mike's 53 Caribbean

Posted by Tobs On 2023/9/28 6:46:55
Thanks Howard,
I drove the car ~20 min to work this morning. Part of the way with the headlights on and voltage was at a nice ~7.3 the whole time. The dummy light also stays off as I am getting 6.5 volts at idle. That was nice, but I am not ready to close the books on my charging system adventure.
I'll try the grounding of the field terminal and see what kind of voltage it goes up to. -if it goes up to 10 like you suggest, or if it stays in the 7-ish range.

I think I can hear my new brushes making a little "wissssh" noise...I just threw in the brushes, and didn't clean up the commutator or seat the brushes....I see I will be getting a phd in gen rebuilding and regulator service in my future

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