Re: 1937 115c touring, Upholstery

Posted by Larry Reber on 2021/12/22 23:18:24
Worked on the rear seat spring set today.

Used a large pair of side cutters to roll the hog rings out.

Marked spring sets for orientation and row numbering.

Found the burlap bags were a continuous sheet of pockets and that reinforcement rods were passed trough them front to rear.

I cut the old bag material on the red lines that I painted for orientation and alignment.

I'll need to open the metal frame chanel at each rod location and insert the rods through the new burlap bags as I reassemble.

Also wire brushed rusty areas ( thank you little gray fuzzy critters) and coated areas with RustMort in preparation for a repaint
Here's some pictures of todays progress

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