Re: 1956 Packard Patrician from Bring A Trailer

Posted by humanpotatohybrid On 2022/7/13 14:39:54
Nice to meet you Todd. Coincidentally many of us saw that post on bring a trailer. Whenever you get around to it, could to tell us what the "Speaker" dial does to the left side of the radio? As far as we know it was not a factory option and was probably added from parts from an early 50's Packard by a previous owner.

*The car drives really rough
- Runs rough or drives rough? Or both? If it just runs rough then hopefully a carb or fuel pump rebuild will fix it.

*Car needs a jump after 3 days of sitting
- Hopefully a new battery will fix this. You can always check with an ammeter the current flow with the key OFF, it should be zero or very close (a few mA).

*Gas Gauge doesn't work
- I would guess the float in the tank has gone bad. There was just a thread on here about dropping the tank and fixing that.

*Rear door locks don't lock
- They may just need lubed up. You can take a look by unscrewing the Phillips screws holding the interior window bezel in place, then use a trim removal tool to remove the door handle, then carefully prying the door panel off the door. If the mechanism looks in bad shape, it may be best to take it out of the door and regrease. Clearer instructions on this are in the service manual available in the Literature Archive on the left.

*Rear Windows will get stuck once rolled down
- Same with the locks, it's possible just that the mechanism is rusty and needs gone over. I have the same problem in one door in my car. The good news is that locks and window regulators are widely available from parts dealers so if something breaks you're not screwed.
EDIT: I forgot that you have power windows. Like others have said, you can test the motor, bypassing the switch.

*The emblem was glued on but in the California sun, it has already melted and spread.
- Maybe remove the old adhesive with Goo-Gone and reglue with a cyanoacrylate glue, or some JB-Weld automotive glue.

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