Re: 1956 Packard Patrician from Bring A Trailer

Posted by ToddPackard On 2022/7/14 12:41:45
I appreciate everyone's optimism, insight, and well wishes for the project.

To answer a few:

Sorry about the vague "drives rough". The engine runs a bit rough but that is usually waiting at a light or stopped. while driving it feels good. Shifts fine but I haven't driven it more than 5 miles at a time and no faster than 35mph. I'll try and get it tuned up and see if that helps.

I'm going to replace the battery just to start fresh. Since the glove box doesn't latch it is possible that the battery is being drained from the light(which is out)in the glove box. I'll check an ammeter about other potential battery draining spots, too.

The rear windows sound exactly the same as they did going down. It sounds really good, it just isn't bringing the windows back up.

The interior doesn't bother me too much right now. but once I can get the car mechanically sound and running well, I'll be much more focused on that. I did just buy a new windshield wiper knob to replace the missing one.

Re: Pics of the brake, I'll send those over the weekend when I really get into working on the vehicle.

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