Re: 1956 Packard Patrician from Bring A Trailer

Posted by kevinpackard On 2022/7/14 16:56:26
How many kids total are you needing belts for? If you did 3 belts in the rear, you could use two of them for car seats and one for another kid. You could also do 3 belts in the front.

I did 2 in the front and 2 in the back. I've fit the whole family (7) in the car, with the younger kids buckled and everyone else unstrapped. Not up to modern safety standards, but given that these cars didn't have belts at all originally it's at least an improvement. I don't drive the car fast, and the roads around us are light traffic and country.

If you do 3 buckles in the front or the back, you will need to provide additional support where the mounting bolts for middle and outer belts mount to the body. Otherwise you could pull the mounting bolts through the sheet metal in an accident.

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