Re: 1956 Patrican revival.

Posted by Ian Gabriele On 2022/8/3 23:06:54

That’s all incredibly helpful!

I’m going to see what it would take to repair the old ignition if possible. I may try and cast a new bezel that is threaded to work with the new style switch. I did also notice that the accessory pole is longer on the Packard switch with the AC wire on top. I left it disconnected for the moment. The current ignition is to just see what can happen with her.

Is it wise to sort out the brake system before trying to fully diagnose the ‘TL’ system? I’ll check fuses as well thanks for their location.

Also very interesting on the power window situation. The battery cables are a bit tired and are on the list for the next round of things at the auto parts. Are there any other indicators of the power lock system?

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