Re: 1956 Patrican revival.

Posted by Ross On 2022/8/4 6:39:24
The brakes do not have to function for the leveler to work. The control circuit for the leveler does take its power from the brake light switch but that is only so to turn the leveler off while the brakes are applied.

You will need to take some time with a test light and the TL diagram from the shop manual to make sure you have power where it is supposed to be. If the brake light switch itself has failed the TL control system will not be powered up.

The other circuit is the power circuit that actually runs the motor. There is a fuse holder near the solenoids on the back edge of the inner fender. Check that the bus bar that feeds the solenoids is hot.

You can manually level the car by grounding the small terminal on the solenoid. The upper solenoid makes the car go up. Don't do more than level the car as with this method you are bypassing the limit switches. Its great fun to get the back of the car way up in the air but a lot less fun when you realize you just ripped your leveler loose from the frame by going too far.

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