Re: 1941 Packard 160

Posted by 29tons On 2022/11/23 7:37:12
I got the new tires and tube mounted and balanced. Also I had my transmission rebuilt by a well known transmission guy. He said he really didn’t rebiuld them anymore but if washed all the parts he would do it. That is back in the car . Im working on a few wiring issues with the overdrive but I think I have that figured out. Also working on the exhaust I have the pipe mounted on the exhaust manifold and I think I located a muffler. I bought a gas tank a Hershey and then I took it to be cleaned and coated.OUCH!! I still need to get the sender. KM life styles said they could make 1 so by the time the gas tank is installed that will be almost 1000. Dollars

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