Re: hph's 400

Posted by HH56 On 2022/12/29 17:40:06
Agree on Ficken as it is about the only game in town. If your car is stock you will not have the aux vacuum section on the fuel pump but an aux pump driven by the oil pump in the crankcase. If you have the Olds or PI pump conversions the aux pump will be removed and then you might want to consider changing the fuel pump to one with a vacuum section. Add new metal tubing to plumb it in series just as the 54 and earlier cars were done. Make sure the balance valve and old tubing to crankcase pump is removed or if you want to keep the stock look and windshield washer original, plug the old aux pump port on the valve before connecting the rubber hose to the original tubing. With either pump you might change all the rubber hoses along with the motor rebuild.

On the carb kit Daytona Parts supplies a good kit many of us have bought and generic 4GC kits are also available from our vendors.

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