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Posted by BigKev On 2022/11/23 17:58:10
So when the car arrived to me, it had no brakes. The car was moved from Indiana to Nashville and at that time it had a stuck wheel. So it was freed up before going on the transporter from Nashville to me.

So, I'm no brake expert, but I'm pretty sure that there is supposed to be brake fluid in the master cylinder.

So I trudged off the parts store for brake fluid. Back with brake fluid, I filled up the master and gave it a few pumps. Which I was the meet with a squinting noise. So a quick look under the car and there is a puddle near the back driverside tire. So crawled under the car.... pretty sure that the brakes work better when the brake line is connected. The line was broken open to free the stuck wheel after which all the brake fluid decided to stay in Nashville.

So after a quick bleed I have brakes. But the hardlines are pretty crusty and the old fluid the came out with the bleed was pretty rusty. So as expected, it will need a full brake-ectomy before going back on the road.

A little steel wool and some lacquer thinner, I was able to find some original paint. Appears to be a dark gray.

Lastly since the tires were a subject of conversation, I cleaned them.

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