Re: BigKevs 1937 115-C Convertible Coupe

Posted by HH56 On 2023/1/4 18:57:45
As long as there is some type of pivot at the bottom that changes the pedal downward push into a vertical push that would work the top pivot, the rod could be extended and even have a bend in its length to accommodate the floorboard angle if the bottom pivot location is somewhere on that part of the floorboard. If the Jag engine is in the way of a straight path then maybe think of a plan 2.

If two pivots are feasible a length of 3/16 rod would probably work and not be subjected to any unwanted bending. Maybe could use a threaded clevis at each end of the rod to attach to the pivots rather than trying to bend a sharp 90° angle to fit thru a hole and hold a cotter key or retainer as is done with stock rods.

For that matter, depending on how the bottom pivot in a 37 looks and works you might even be able to attach a cable down there along the same lines as if one attached to the top.

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