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Posted by BigKev On 2023/2/6 10:28:17
I need to take the door glass out so I can get replacements made.

So the first order of business was getting the door panels off. These are not correct for this car, but will do until I'm ready to redo the upholstery. I believe they came from a '36 or maybe a '38. But they are missing the hole for the vent window crank. So when they go back on, I'll include that hole and reinstall the crank mech itself.

I wanted to get these panels off first thing this morning, so I could spray all the window fasteners with PB Blaster and let them soak all day. Then I can pull the windows this evening and drop them off tomorrow to get the new windows cut and installed in their frames.

The driver's door is pretty solid. The passenger door bottom is going to need to have some work done as it's pretty swiss cheesed. This is only on the door bottom (floor) area. The door skin itself is pretty good. Both doors need some attention with a wire brush and some paint.

Also, here is a shot of the "BUDD" plate on the passenger door. There was not one on the driver's door.

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