Re: BigKev's 1937 115-C Convertible Coupe

Posted by BigKev On 2024/4/9 18:35:26
The seating position in my car has always been a challenge. As in, I don't understand how shorter folks could have driven it in the past. It could be a combination of altered '38 split business coupe seats in the car paired with the original '37 seat tracks. Also, it has a lot of recline, so I can't even see the fenders while driving, and I'm 6'4". However, some of the Service Counselors/Letters have noted several instances of adjusting the seat height and position using a wooden spacer wedge.

So, I made 1" hardwood spacer blocks under the rear of the tracks. This dramatically changed the recline angle to something way more standard/comfortable. But this left a large gap between the back of the seat and the plywood package shelf and bulkhead when the seat was all the way back. So, I moved the tracks back several inches and drilled new holes through the floor. The existing holes were not original as the floor was replaced in the recent past, and when it was done, someone used the woodworking threaded inserts into the wood floor to accept the seat track bolts. I used longer bolts, which were needed anyway in the rear due to the spacer blocks, and went all the way through the floor. Then I could use large, thick grade 8 fender washers on the underside, which, to me, is infinitely better than those aluminum threaded inserts.

Now, I have more legroom and can see the fenders while driving. My wife no longer has to sit on a pile of pillows to see over the dash while driving.

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