Re: BigKev's 1937 115-C Convertible Coupe

Posted by BigKev On 2024/4/12 9:17:58
Well, this maybe a long shot, but I am looking for this part:

Original Image

It is referred to as a Dove Tail (Female) and is unique to many of the front doors on convertibles from 1936 to 1941. They are the same, left or right. The one in my passenger door has a broken retainer tab, which was a simple bent-over tab in the metal shell. With that broken, the upper "jaw" falls too far down, and the corresponding triangle doo dad (Dove Tail - Male) on the door slams into it, preventing the door from closing. I've removed the triangle for now to allow the door to close, but I'd like to find a replacement before I try to jury-rig a fix on an already brittle part.

Here are the models this part fits:

Original Image

If you happen to have one available, please let me know.


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