Re: BigKev's 1937 115-C Convertible Coupe

Posted by BigKev On 2024/4/12 12:56:57

TxGoat wrote:
I was able to move my seat back against the package tray, but that's still not enough. I'd like to move it back another 2" or a little more. The seat cushion is too high to suit me, and the seat is too close to the dash.

There are several Service Letters and Counselors addressing making changes to seat positions.

I went back and looked at my notes for my seat. The seat is actually from a 1940 110 Business Coupe, so the frame was modified to fit into the '37. I think the seat tracks are from the '37.

But the seat reclined way too much and was too low in the back of the bottom cushion. So, I changed the seat angle by putting a 1" spacer block between the rear mount on the track and the floor, which dramatically helped the recline and the height issues. But, this left a gap between the seat and the package tray, so I moved everything back, which was perfect for me.

For you, I think there are a couple of options:

1) In the Service Letters, they describe drilling the rivets out of the part of the seat tracks and drilling new holes for the rivets to make the seat tracks shorter.

2) Depending on how much extra room you have on the package tray forward of the header bow when it folds back there, you may be able to shorten the package tray and move the plywood bulkhead back a couple of inches, and then move the seat/tracks back as well. But I am sure that's not a simple endeavor as that affects the rumble seat side panels and everything in that area. I only have about 2" from behind the seat to the header bow. So, I'm not sure how original my package tray size is, as I am sure it was altered and replaced before I got the car.

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