Re: BigKev's 1937 115-C Convertible Coupe

Posted by BigKev On 2024/4/12 20:55:00
The tracks can be taken apart and the needle bearings inside the rollers can be lubed. Also good to clean any dirt and grit out of them.

Now on my seat, the upholstered metal side panels that screw to the floor and the B-Pillar caused my seat to jam when in the full back position. After I removed the panels, the seat slides back and forth just fine.

In addition to my seat being an altered one from a later model, my seat was overstuffed at some point, probably to deal with the sagging. So both of those probably contribute to the binding.

So I'll need to figure out a solution to that. But that may be something to check. Also verify that seat adjuster handle is actually disengaging the track lock. Is you seat track helper spring still there?

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