Re: 1941 Clipper restoration

Posted by George On 2022/11/23 10:45:14
I decide there were 5 items that I wanted to farm out because of lack of expertise and/or correct equipment to do the job. They were chrome, engine, body/paint, interior and woodgraining. I wanted to contact my shops of choice because like a lot of us they are getting older and most have a fairly long backlog. I started by pulling everything forward of the cowl, pulled the engine and transmission and brought it to Ross Miller. He confirmed that I had spun a bearing and also damaged two rods. He did a complete rebuild including the vibration damper. Also went through the starter, generator, carburetor and installed a new clutch ... Ross also test ran it when he was done. I restored the horns, installed new wiring and a nos relay ( always like to use nos when I can ). The car never had an oil filter so I did install one. One of the previous owners removed the fuel pump and just used an inline electrical one. I also put a mechanical pump back on and plumbed it in. While Ross was working on the engine the engine splash pans, stabilizer bar, radiator surround and struts were sandblasted and powdered coated. Radiator boiled out and painted too. Engine now sits under cover waiting to be reinstalled.

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