Re: 1941 Clipper restoration

Posted by George On 2022/11/24 8:54:16
Although the colors are correct I've never really been a fan of the color scheme. I decided to go with Puritan Grey over Silver French Grey. The funny thing is as I've been dismantling the car I discovered the car was originally Silver French Grey. More on the body later. I already knew who I was going to have do the interior. He had done work for me in the past and I was very pleased. I contacted as many vendors as possible to get samples of fabric. The problem was that none of the samples had a similar pattern or color scheme that would work. Although leather was an option I didn't think that would be a good look. What I decided to do was put a Rivera style interior in. It was available on senior cars and although I've never seen it on a Clipper I think it would look really nice. I ordered two different shades of grey. The material is here but probably won't be made until this coming summer.I'll post some pictures when it is, going to be awhile before it goes into the car. Next posts with pictures will be of the chasis.

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