Re: 1941 Clipper restoration

Posted by tsherry On 2022/11/24 15:56:07
Nice work. That engine looks beautiful.

I had the chance a few years ago to buy a '41 Clipper that had been donated to a charity that also runs a used car lot (Union Gospel Mission Motors, Spokane). Running car, nice interior and original paint, good chrome. Had a 6v electric fuel pump added, brakes were not working, Optima battery was dead, water pump was leaking. Floors were pretty well rotted out though. Originally listed for 10.5K; gradually over about a year dropped to $6500 where it sold, either for that or perhaps less. That body style was not one I was all that interested in, and a couple months later bought my '37 115C. That Clipper though, would have been a nice project.

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