My remote/removable turn signals v. 1.0

Posted by CCR On 2023/3/2 21:42:43
So I decided to add turn signals to my survivor but temporary ones that I can take off easily and not actually "update" the car itself. I might fine tune how these attach after some test drives. This is a combo of some tail lights, wireless bike lights, velcro strap and rubber 3m backing. The lights were roughly $100 all in but you could do a little cheaper (I bought the 4-light bike set in case I needed to tear down the lights to install). The one pic is the remote signal with the bike light that I embedded in the housing. The back you can see the charging cable with a cap so I can recharge without taking these apart. The light itself also has an extra square flasher (looks like a red button) that can be used in conjunction with the signal or as a hazard.

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