Re: 1937 120 Conv. Sedan - Blanche

Posted by BigKev On 2024/4/3 12:38:10
If you look at this picture:

Original Image

The one on the left was on my car when I got it, and the one on the right is what I replaced it with.

A couple of things to note, besides the finish:

The length from the shift knob until the first bend is shorter on the chrome one. So I don't know if one or the other is from a later/earlier year or what. But it fits better in my application as the longer black one was almost into the dashboard. I think this was because the transmission is sitting about two inches further forward than the original in my car.

There does appear to be a pin at this location that possibly holds the cane in place. However, I never inspected either unit that deeply before installing it, so I don't know how far it can be taken apart. But you can see that the cane and transmission top are a unified assembly.

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