Re: 1937 120 Conv. Sedan - Blanche

Posted by 37Blanche On 2024/4/3 16:40:32
Ok. Thanks all for the input! I think for now I wi clean it up best I can and tackle that a bit later. Not sure if chrome/nickel will be an option for me.

So I have run into a head scratcher. I have the wire harness installed. All except the lights. I figure I could do a “test”. So I hooked up a front head light.

But no luck. Headlight did not turn on. Horn did not work the “blinky” on the turn signal did not flash.

The fuel gauge does peg to full as I don’t have the sending unit hooked up yet. So energy is flowing.

Do I need to have everything hooked up before anything will work?

I double checked all wiring and all are according to the diagram and instructions.

Any thoughts on where to begin my trouble shooting?

Battery is fully charged.

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